Prof. Joseph E. Iesué, current Chairman, was selected in January of 2013 for his extensive knowledge and experience in organizational leadership, marketing, public policy, student services, and academia. 

His commitment to Civic Enterprise Network, innovative ideas, and his dedication towards the concept of volunteerism speak well for the future of Civic Enterprise Network in his capable hands.  

Chairman Iesué, originally from Erie Pennsylvania is currently an Assistant Professor in business and a student affairs coordinator. He has degrees in Business Leadership, and International Public Policy having also acquired certificates in Public Administration and Public Policy Research.  Presently he also serves as a research fellow for the Civic Research Lab (CRL).

In his free time he spends a lot of time assisting his students, reading and writing and enjoys watching movies and traveling.  

Milestones of his tenure

  • 21st Century Marketing Campaign
  • 15 new partners and sponsors
  • 20+ new countries with active CEN membership
  • 60% increase in global staffing
  • 99.98% reduction in budgetary spending
  • Elimination of membership dues
  • 6 new projects, streamlined international activites
  • Successfully planned the 2nd Largest College Tournament


   MinHyuk (richard) Kwon - Korea

MinHyuk (richard) Kwon - Korea

MinHyuk Kwon (Richard) is a dual citizen of both the United States and the Republic of Korea (South Korea).  After 15 years of educational experience within the United States, Richard is going to university in South Korea where he is currently pursuing a degree in business and has been active in shaping a new department.  

As Administrative Director, Richard works directly for the Executive Chairman and is tasked with assisting to manage all programs and societies affiliated with Civic Enterprise Network. In addition, Richard's work and educational experience make him perfectly suited to organize the Higher Education Campaign for Civic Enterprise Network, which offers international students a scholarship to attend university in the United States.



   Rubaniya Anjum  -     INDIA

Rubaniya Anjum  - INDIA

Rubaniya Anjum has completed her education in India and South Korea where she studied Business Organization and Public Administration with an additional specialization in Accounting. Rubaniya posses excellent coordinating and managing skills showcased when she recently organized a seminar entitled “Intolerance and its Impact” hosted at a state university in India.

Her rich academic experience allowed her to become a proficient researcher which she used to evaluate a regional social issue in India of triple talaq (Three Divorce) and its impacts to society. 

As Research Director, Rubaniya’s role is to communicate and work with qualified civic professionals and academics around the world to help local and regional organizations get access and understand its practical uses. Her academic experience, care about diversity and social issues, and respect and understanding of various cultures make her the perfect choice for Research Director at Civic Enterprise Network. 



   Abdukakhhor (jack) Tulanov - Uzbekistan

Abdukakhhor (jack) Tulanov - Uzbekistan

Abdukakhhor Tulanov (Jack) is from Uzbekistan and currently an international student in South Korea. He studied business for two years and now is learning about tourism and hospitality industry. Jack is really passionate about marketing and creating digital content in order to communicate ideas to a broader amount of people.

Having a wide range of interests and experience, Jack has worked as an English teacher, research assistant, and residence assistant. He has also assisted a professor research a topic entitled the “Study of the Microfinance Crisis – Micro-loan Officer Questionnaire”. Jack first came to the notice of Prof. Iesué during his volunteering at the Civic Enterprise Network cohosted event of the Austral-Asian Intervarsity Debating Championship. 

His diverse experience and education background as well as his passion for marketing and dedication to volunteer work makes Abdukakhor Tulanov (Jack) an amazing choice as Marketing Director.