1. About the University 


Gannon University

Gannon is a private American university dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. Their faculty and staff prepare students to be global citizens through programs grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and professional specializations. Inspired by Intellectual Tradition, Gannon offers a comprehensive, values-centered learning experience that emphasizes leadership, inclusiveness and social responsibility.

2. About the Location

by Dean Zeller

Erie Pennsylvania

Gannon University is located in Erie. It is Pennsylvania's fourth largest city and one of the busiest ports on the Great Lakes. Gannon’s urban campus, in the middle of downtown Erie, is a 4 minute walk to the beautiful bayfront. Their unique location and facilities create a special atmosphere conducive to learning, research, service, and personal growth.

"Erie is an amazing place that is close to major cities within the United States such as Pittsburgh (the growing financial hub and listed as the fastest growing city in the USA), Cleveland, Buffalo, and only a short bus ride from Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York City. With a growing startup business environment and an increase in foreign students arriving into Erie, it has become the center for career opportunities." - Prof. Joseph Iesué 

Talk to our staff regarding a quicker application process for international students who are government funded (i.e. Saudi Arabia). 

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Through our partnership with Gannon University, we can offer you a free, quicker, and higher rate of acceptance admissions process that can get you to university in the United States as early as October 2018.

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