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                > 音标发音 > 外教教你学英语音标(视频) >  第37课

                外教教你学英语音标 辅音[?]





                ?Hi! This video is focusing on the /?/ sound.

                /?/ is a voiced consonant sound and you'll feel friction as your voice buzzes between the blade of your tongue and your gum ridge.

                You make the /?/ sound by directing the blade of your tongue toward the gum ridge without touching it like this, /?/.

                The sides of the tongue should be touching the sides of your upper teeth.

                Here are two common mistakes with the /?/ sound.

                The first is devoicing, so you turn the /?/ sound into a /?/ sound.

                And the result is a word like "garage" sounds like "garach".

                The second challenge is turning the /?/ sound into a /s/ sound, so a word like "treasure" sounds like "treassure".

                Let's work together to find the correct placement of the /?/ sound.

                We'll do that by pressing the blade of the tongue on the gum ridge to make the /n/ sound...

                ...and then releasing to feel the buzzing flow of air for the /?/ sound.

                Okay, try along with me.

                /n/, /?/, /n/, /?/, /n/, /?/.

                Now, let's add the /j/ sound, so you could feel the sides of your tongue on your upper teeth.

                And you can do it with your hands as well, mirroring what's going on in your mouth.

                /j/. Feel the sides of your tongue and hold them there, and now move the blade up for /?/.

                Let's do that together. /j/, /?/, /j/, /?/, /j/, /?/.

                Good. Now that you have the placement, let's try some phrases.

                Beige garage.

                Casual massage.

                Envision pleasure.

                Unusual camouflage.

                Be sure to put this into practice on EnglishCentral and good luck!

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