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                初中英语作文:剪纸 Paper Cutting





                  初中英语作文:剪纸 Paper Cutting

                  China has the history of more than five thousand years. As a result, there are many traditional arts that have been inherited, such as paper cutting. It is a kind of amazing art. People can use scissors to cut different shapes, like flowers and animals. When foreigners see the paper cutting, they are surprised and give big applause to this great art. Today, when the technology takes control most of fields, some traditional arts have lost their markets and the young people start to forget about these treasures. We need to learn more about these traditional arts, so as to better preserve them. The school can open the courses to let students learn the arts.


                  这是一种神奇的艺术∑ ,人们可以用剪刀剪出许多不一样︾的形状,比如花、动物。当外国人看到剪纸⊙时,他们非常的惊讶,并对这一伟大的艺∞术给予了热烈的掌声。今天,技术占据了大①部分领域,一些传统艺术已经失去了市场,年轻人开始忘◤记这些宝藏。我们需要♀更多地了解这些传统艺术,为了更好△地保护它们,学校Ψ可以开设了课程让学生学习艺术。


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