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                [00:07.83]A Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper

                [00:11.94]Dear Sir or Madam,

                [00:14.80]I am writing this letter to draw your attention

                [00:18.41]to the misuse of words and idioms in your newspaper.

                [00:22.58]I have been a reader of your newspaper for many years

                [00:26.81]with great enthusiasm and interest.

                [00:29.61]But recently, I found frequent misuse

                [00:33.28]of words and idioms in your newspaper,

                [00:35.95]which I believe will cause many bad effects.

                [00:39.13]Firstly, readers may be disappointed

                [00:42.95]and doubt the quality of the newspaper,

                [00:45.50]which may decrease the circulation of the newspaper.

                [00:49.17]Secondly, the readers,

                [00:51.78]especially young students who read your newspaper

                [00:55.14]may obtain the incorrect information and follow suit,

                [00:59.44]which I believe will do harm to these people in the long run.

                [01:03.98]In light of the bad effects listed above,

                [01:07.40]I suggest that you work out

                [01:09.08] effective measures to put an end to this phenomenon.

                [01:12.75]Thank you for reading my letter

                [01:15.61]and I will appreciate it if my suggestion

                [01:18.55]could be considered and positive changes

                [01:22.22]take place in this regard.

                [01:23.78]Yours sincerely, Li Ming



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