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                2015-06-12晚安英文儿歌∴:Good Night

                 晚安英文儿歌MV欣赏  晚安英文儿歌双语歌词  Good Night  晚安  Good night, Baby.  Good night, Baby.  Good night,... [查看全文]

                2010-07-26flash歌曲You Drive Me Crazy你让我神魂颠倒

                Baby I'm so into you You got that something What can I do Baby You stood me around The earth is moving But I can't feel the ground Every time you look at me My heart is jumping It's easy to see loving you means so much more more than any th [查看全文]

                2010-07-24flash歌曲You Are My Sunshine 你就是我的阳光

                The other night dear as I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms When I awoke dear I was mistaken And I hung my head and cried You are my sunshine my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray You\'ll never know dear how much [查看全文]

                2010-07-23flash歌曲Yesterday Once More昨日重现

                YESTERDAY ONCE MORE Words Music by Richard Carpenter and John Bettis 词曲:理查德.卡朋特/约翰.贝迪斯 When I was young 当我年轻时 I'd listen to the radio 我喜欢☆听电台广播 Waiting' for my favorite songs 等待我最喜 [查看全文]

                2010-07-22flash歌曲 Yellow 黄色

                Yellow-Coldplay 黄色(酷玩) Look at the stars.看着星星。 Look how they shine 4 U.看它们〗如何对你闪烁。 And everything U do.及你所做的一切。 Yeah,they were all yellow.是的,它们都是黄色的。 I came along.我 [查看全文]

                2010-07-21flash歌曲 Without You 没有你的世界

                flash歌曲 Without You [查看全文]

                2010-07-17flash歌曲Wind Flowers


                2010-07-16flash歌曲When I Dream Of You


                2010-07-15flash歌曲What Will I Do


                2010-07-14flash歌曲Walk In The Rain